Meet the DOB street artists who collaborated with us to create an artistic atmosphere in every room.
Death of Black (DOB) and friends
Death of Black, or DOB, is a group of highly- acclaimed street artists who have created numerous notable street artworks throughout the region. DOB consists of five artists with different styles and characters — P7, Chip7, Rukkit, Nev3r and Zids — plus their friends Peap Tarr and Lisa Mam.

For Cacha Hotel, the team delivered distinctive Thai charm with their artworks to make our space unique.

Peap Tarr
Peap TarrPeap Tarr has roots in graffiti art culture. He later developed his own style by combining his mix of New Zealand and Cambodian heritage to create a unique form of dark yet tranquil street art. His work has attracted the attention of art lovers around the world and has been featured in various international art magazines and gallery exhibitions.

For Cacha, Peap painted pictures of elephants with New Zealand and Khmer-inspired motifs in the lobby area of the hotel.

Lisa Mam
Lisa MamInspired by Khmer culture and the beauty of women, Lisa’s empowering art is attracting international attention. Cambodia’s first Khmer female urban street artist has had art shows in Cambodia and abroad, most notably with Lotus Arts De Vivre in Bangkok and at Bed Supperclub Bangkok. Lisa has designed shoes for Bucketfeet, which sell at Nordstrom in the USA, and was featured in the French documentary, Beauty of Woman Around the World, broadcast on Arte TV.

Along with Peap, Lisa created art for the public areas of Cacha Hotel. On the rooftop bar, Lisa painted a picture of lady in her distinctive Khmer-influenced style.

P7P7 is an iconic illustrator and street artist in Thailand whose distinctive style blends fine art and street art. Many of P7’s works have been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including the Excitid Gallery in Singapore and the Stephen Gleer Gallery in Los Angles. P7’s work has also been seen on brand name products like Black Jack, Converse and Honda. For the Cacha project, P7 represents Thai essence through the “Singha” animal of Thai legend, created in his own style using bright, colourful shades to make the room feel contemporary and fun.
CHIP7New York City graffiti star Chip7 is currently based in Bangkok. Chip7 has been working on street art for 18 years, and was mentioned in the book The History of American Graffiti as one of the shining graffiti superstars in the US. Most of Chip7’s recent work has been inspired by Hindu epics, as can be seen on the Cacha wall with the iconic Hanuman character.

“When I was a kid, somebody gave me a mask of Hanuman, and it was my first impression of Thailand,” Chip7 said.

RUKKITBefore joining DOB, Rukkit Kuanhawate was widely known as an illustrious illustrator and graphic designer who attracted plenty of publicity in both Thai and international magazines. For Cacha’s room, Rukkit created an owl to be a night guardian, with uniquely Thai patterns and colour schemes incorporated into the design.
NEV3RNev3r is a legendary Thai street artist with a very distinctive style. His artworks have been exhibited in many places throughout Thailand, including at our Cacha hotel.

“I made a work with a pheasant and flowers for Cacha,” Nev3r said. “The elegant figure of the pheasant and the bright, colourful flowers symbolise the warm welcome of Thailand.”

ZIDSSuradech Termsabsiri, who creates art under the name of ZIDS, works as a graphic designer for clients like Von Dutch, Play It! and f-fashion Paris. ZIDS is also a graffiti artist whose work has been showcased at product opening events and international competitions, as well as in magazines and on numerous TV shows.

For Cacha, ZIDS expressed Thai spirit with a picture of a horse, since 2014 is the Year of the Horse throughout Asia.

“I made it feel contemporary by using the geometric forms and bright colours to create relaxing atmosphere in the room,” Zids explained.